Creating a ChatBot using ChatterBot Python

Before we can make a machine learning or deep learning model from text data, we have to process the data in different ways. Depending on the needs, we have to use different operations to preprocess the data. Both JavaScript and Python can be used for chatbot development, but each language has its pros and cons. […]

How chatbots in healthcare reshape the futurity of medical services

Attempts must be made to approach this issue ethically and professionally rather than from a business perspective, despite the many challenges in understanding the complexity of chatbot use in healthcare. By collaborating with medical professionals to lower costs, enhance workflow efficiencies, and enhance patient outcomes, chatbots have the potential to be integrated into clinical […]

BERT NLP How To Build a Question Answering Bot by Michel Kana, Ph D

We also use a threshold of 0.3 to determine whether the semantic search fallback results are strong enough to display. Crucially, this threshold was obtained from an unrelated dataset. Therefore, we expect our metrics to accurately reflect real-world performance. The source code for our bot is available here.The files below provide the core knowledge base […]