The Ultimate Guide to Working with Virtual Bookkeeper

Content Our Award-winning Cloud-Based Remote Bookkeeping Services Include Virtual bookkeeping can keep you ready for tax time Our Clients BELAY Available Add-Ons Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping from EVA Skills That You Need To Be A Virtual Bookkeeper In case you were wondering, there are some core differences between the roles played by […]

Depreciation Methods 4 Types of Depreciation You Must Know!

Content Unit of Production vs. MACRS Methods How to Calculate Units of Production Depreciation What are Units of Production Depreciation? Calculate the Units of Production Rate What are the 4 types of journal entries for depreciation? The expected total output, usually express in units produced or hours worked, is estimated at the time of acquisition […]

How does the rendering of services on account affect the accounting equation? a assets increase; owner’s equity increases b. assets decrease; owner’s equity decrease c. assets increase; owner’s equity decreases d. liabilities increase; owner’s equity

Content Restricted Assets Working Capital Regression Analysis Treasury Stock Uniform Capitalization Rules Payback Period Method Reporting the entire expense during the year of purchase might make the company seem unprofitable that year and unreasonably profitable in subsequent years. Once the time period has been established, accountants use GAAP to record and report that accounting period’s […]

Minimum Wage and Overtime Basics

Content Living Wage Vacation and severance pay Massachusetts’ Overtime Minimum Wage I am an employer and I want to put my employees on salary. Do I still have to pay overtime? Table of Minimum Hourly Wage Rates in the District of Columbia Overtime pay is required for time worked in excess of 40 hours in […]

Why Its Important You Know How to Keep Track of Petty Cash

Content Create a petty cash account Physical credit cards Need help with accounting? Easy peasy. Why do businesses use petty cash fund? What should Petty Cash funds be used for? Use QuickBooks For Your Petty Cash How Do You Balance Petty Cash in Accounting? The availability of petty cash does not mean that it can […]

Tax Rate History Pepperell, MA Official Website

Content e-Filing: Submit Your Massachusetts Tax Return Online Fair Share: Best First Step to Building an Equitable Commonwealth Identify Checks/Wire Transfers Gift Check Processing Some executives who move their businesses out of state can maintain their workforce remotely or take advantage of more favorable wage scales in states that have lower taxes and a lower […]

Small Business Grants: Here Are 23 You Can Apply For in 2022

Content What Kind of Grants Can I Get to Start a Business? Federal Small Business Grants What is the Grant Proposal Process? More on Small Business Grants Take the Next Step Accreditation, memberships and licensing—Networking within your industry can cost as much as $1,000. While not mandatory, this can be a valuable investment in credibility […]

What are the reasons for a stock dividend instead of a cash dividend?

Content High yield isn’t everything What Happens When a Company Buys Back Stock? When Cash Dividends Work Best Reasons for a Stock Dividend Dividend 3-Statements Impact The choice is between income and growth Since the company has paid say £x in dividends per share out of its cash account on the left hand side of […]

Accounting Concepts and Principles Definitions, Explanations & Example

Content Conservatism Principle: The Conceptual Framework Definition of Accounting Principles, Assumptions, and Concepts A Closer Look at the Basic Accounting Principles Going Concern Assumption MEANING OF ACCOUNTING Accounting principles are the rules that have emerged from the use of basic accounting concepts. These rules have evolved over a long period of time; they represent the […]