petty cash transactions

The availability of petty cash does not mean that it can be accessed for any purpose and by anyone. Petty cash is kept on-site in a locked drawer or safe and there is an overseer that has the authority to handle the cash.

Petty cash funds are a holdover from an era when credit cards were not used for small transactions. Having cash on hand was convenient for times when merchants didn’t have card readers. Note that having a petty cash fund is not the same as having a cash register or other cash system where large volumes of money is transacted. In theory, petty cash funds do not amount to a significant amount of company spend. Unlike recurring bill payments, petty cash usually covers infrequent transactions such as taxi rides, coffee, office supplies, gifts for clients, or lunch for employees. Ensure that the expenses are recorded in the proper accounting period.

Create a petty cash account

Many of your business expenses are tax deductible, including purchases made with your petty cash fund. While a petty cash fund may not be necessary if you work solo, if you have even one employee, it may be worth it to set up a petty cash fund to manage those unexpected expenses properly. Your available cash should always match the amount recorded in your petty cash log.

petty cash transactions

Please contact Cashier Services for questions or guidance on Alternate designation. The alternate does not have authorization to make any changes to the account. Once you have a list of transactions, petty cash make sure that a receipt is present for every purchase. It’s also a good idea to sort each receipt into the appropriate expense category and get the total expenditure for each one.

Physical credit cards

Also under the imprest system, a balance is predetermined for the petty cash fund. Cash is allocated to the fund in that amount from the company’s checking account, and the balance is maintained as purchases occur. In financial accounting, the petty cash account is a current asset. When the petty cash balance reaches a certain low, you can replenish the fund by issuing a check in the amount of the receipts. This will bring the petty cash fund back up to the original level.

The petty cash fund allows you to pay cash for outside services that are not charged to a particular guest. Some examples of typical petty cash expenses include the purchase of newspapers and magazines for the hotel, postage costs, or errands by taxi.

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