With zero to little pain and lots more comfort, it’s easier to stay positive, motivated, and happier throughout all of your hard work. Last but not least, when setting up your ergonomic workspace, pay special attention to desk height.

work from home ergonomics checklist

It can be the length of your keyboard’s shape, and it can be the wire length of your mouse or something else. But whatever it is, you should take care of the fact that the whole environment ensures you the highest comfort. Here, an ergonomic keyboard, work from home ergonomics like MS Sculpt, can be helpful. If you’re on a budget, look for inexpensive pieces at garage or estate sales; also explore discount shops for used furniture. If you can invest in one piece, spring for a high-quality office chair above anything else.

Home Office Ergonomics Checklist: 5 Things You Must Consider

The direct light reflection on the monitor can create a problem for your eyes. Besides, using a desktop will help you to keep your eye-safe. Try not to use a laptop and even if you use it, try to use raisers like – aluminum laptop stand, by which you will be able to change your laptop’s position.

When possible, use the time during the calls to stand up, walk, and stretch. Position frequently used materials and equipment close to the front of the body to avoid twisting and reaching. Keep elbows close to the sides – adjust arm rests so that the weight of the forearms rest on the arms rests. Adjust the chair or seat height so that the thighs are approximately parallel to the floor with the feet resting flat on the floor or on a footrest.

Keep this work from home ergonomics checklist in mind when transitioning into remote working:

When setting up your ergonomic workspace, the first item you want to keep in mind is your chair. This is probably the most important part of your ergonomic desk arrangement because your chair is what offers you support throughout your eight-hour workday. Research has shown that using a poorly designed work chair can lead to major back and neck problems over time. Whether you are working from home or directly in the office, follow this office ergonomics checklist to create the ultimate desk space that will blow your coworkers away on your next video call. A desk chair is so much more than just a piece of furniture. Since COVID-19 forced workers to head home, employees have reported a 50% uptick in back and shoulder pain.

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