The other day I came across this great article that spells out the very frustration I would feel in meetings. They welcome and embrace anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ in the AA fellowship for meetings, providing that extra little bit of helpful support. They also feature a newsletter get sober without aa and plenty of resources for those who want some additional information online. As a member of the LGBT community, I sometimes have sobriety-related concerns that are difficult to share with my heterosexual friends. That’s exactly where a community like LGBTteetotaler comes in.

The program has in-person meetings in the US and Canada and other locations across the world. They also have online meetings for those that don’t want to or can’t attend regular meetings. In order to find a support group that works for you and start building your sober network, we’ve compiled a list of the top online sober communities and groups. These go beyond the groups you already know and can help you find what you need to get and stay sober. And if you’ve felt weird about not finding a fit in 12-Step recovery, or want to supplement your existing recovery program with another community, please understand you’re not alone.

The Multiple Pathways to Addiction and Recovery

If you have specific concerns or a situation arises in which you require medical advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified medical services provider. It helps you find a power greater than yourself, and gets you involved in service with others in your community who need help. Whether or not you are interested in a spiritual program, finding something to live for can motivate your recovery. Whether this is some sort of spiritual program, giving back to your community, getting involved in recovery activism, is all up to you. There are sober coaches, counselors, and psychologists out there happy to support you on your recovery journey. Everyone who gets sober is encouraged to seek help from family, friends who are positive influences, people who have been through the same thing, and professionals like therapists or psychologists. Sobriety is a journey, and a destination; and there are always people around to assist you along the way.

People who get professional help are more likely to remain sober than those who try to recover independently. Therefore, managing your stress levels by making time for activities that lower anxiety can help you stay sober. Yoga, meditation, nature walks, and music can all help you relax and remain calm.

What Percentage Of Alcoholics Stay Sober?

It requires a person to admit that they are powerless over their addiction. While it can help some people to realize how out of control their drinking has become, some people might be turned off by the idea that they can’t help themselves. At Drinker’s Helper, we certainly believe that a person can do quite a bit to help themselves get free of addiction to alcohol. It is not structured, allowing people to find their own paths to recovery using their tools. We think there is wisdom in this, because sometimes people need different elements of a program in order to achieve their goals.

staying sober without aa

So, for this milestone, I’d like to share some insight about the program of Alcoholics Anonymous based entirely on my own experience. In communicating with people considering sobriety, preconceived notions about AA are the most common point of disinterest in making the change for themselves, and I understand why. The most common feedback I’ve received comes from people who want to be sober with others but do not want to partake in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Inpatient Programs

This online-only community is worldwide, which makes it easy to connect with like-minded women who are friendly, non-judgmental, and helping each other kick the booze and stay sober. SMART Recovery is a sober community that focuses on helping individuals through group meetings. Their philosophy is largely focused on using cognitive behavioral therapy to change bad habits surrounding alcohol use disorder, eating disorders, sex addictions, and more.

staying sober without aa

It is safer to abstain from alcohol under professional care, and it’s more likely that you will get and stay sober. If you have an alcohol problem and are trying to get and stay sober, you’re not alone. Staying sober and preventing relapse can be a difficult path. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you stick to your recovery journey. Ironically, thanks in great part to the work I did in 12-step programs, I learned that alcoholism wasn’t my only problem — or even my biggest problem.

Spooky Sober Halloween Fun

Sometimes, your friends and family members might think that you can have just one drink. Even if they support your sobriety, they might still not understand how your addiction works. Being happy with a sober life means replacing your unhealthy drug or alcohol addiction with meaningful, fulfilling activities.

Lives Changed: Staying sober during the pandemic – Oregon Public Broadcasting

Lives Changed: Staying sober during the pandemic.

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I describe myself as sober because I don’t drink alcohol and I am habitually abstinent from drugs. But he is a devout Catholic so several times a year, he drinks a mouthful of wine as part of religious services. I don’t do the steps; Steve puts a great amount of faith and effort into them. When we vacation together, Steve smokes pot all the time; I rarely do. I eat mushrooms a couple of times a year; Steve would never think of such a thing. Once in a while, I’ll make a stupid bet with a friend or play cards; Steve has a gambling problem so he won’t bet a nickel or even play solitaire.

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